If you are a person who constantly likes to redecorate their house in order to keep pace with changing trends and style, then we are sure that you are also one of those who are constantly keeping an eye on where futuristic interior decor might be heading. Well, the future of interior decor is consistently developing, and futuristic decor is all about unique concepts. And floating moon lamp is one of the most ultra-modern decors that is making its making headlines in the interior designing industry.

Yet, we believe that there is still a lot of time when people will actually decide to pick up these futuristic decors or even consider turning toward extreme technologies to add them to their daily life.

With that being said, if you are looking for something to impress your house guests, then there are plenty of things from the innovative interior decor items that you can look out for. However, the floating moon lamp is one of the most popular futuristic products that has been gaining a lot of popularity these days. In this article, we will be discussing the levitating lamp in depth.

How Do Floating Moon Lamps Work?

These floating lamps are definitely different from the other non-floating 3D moon lamps that we have been seeing for the past couple of years.

Instead of having a basic wooden stand, the floating moon lamp hovers over the wooden base. Also, rather than having a cord or a wire that goes into the lamp – the hovering moon lamp has no direct-wired connection.

The floating lamps have no physical contact with the base, and it floats and spins on the base freely. The reason moon lamps can do these tricks is due to two innovative technologies.

  • Wireless technology
  • Magnetic levitation technique

Features Of Floating Moon Lamp

  1. Independent Spinning

    The old version of levitating lamps couldn’t spin, but the new and improved levitating moon lamps do spin. The circular magnetic design enables the lamp to spin while staying in orbit. However, the spinning does not interrupt the flow of electricity as it is transferred using a set of wire coils which means that the electricity is transferred through the air.
  2. Luxurious Base

    The base of the floating moon lamp isn’t just an essential part of its functionality but is also a very distinctive part of its visual look. The premium base of the lamp can be crafted in different styles – the wood base is the standard base design. Then comes marvel, metal, rock, and other variants.
  3. Color Modes

    The hovering moon lamp normally comes in two color modes; cool white and warm white. The cool white shine brighter than the warm white ones. If you want to illuminate more space then cool is perfect for you.

    While the warm color mode is comparatively a little dull – the brightness of this mode is low. Nonetheless, this mode mimics the real moon the best, and lastly, the warm white light is soothing for the eyes.

    Apart from these two general light modes, some lamps can illuminate in various colors such as blue, green, red, etc.

How Does Ambianc’s Levitating Home Decor Spin In The Air?

As mentioned earlier in this article, the science behind the levitating decor is magnetic. Each of our hovering or levitating decor products is precisely crafted by using magnetic levitation technology.

Our levitating lamps work with one simple principle: it has magnets that are placed in the base along with the moon, which helps it levitate in the air when the lamp is plugged in or turned on.

Levitating Aimante Light

Our levitating Aimante light has a crescent shape that has two tiny magnetic switches in the middle that are held by almost invisible threads of the lamp the ones that you have never seen before. It is paired with a rectangular wooden base that supports the hold of this exquisite yet strong crescent light.

Luan Lamp

Give yourself soothing and relaxing moments with our levitating moon lamps that are inspired by the beauty of the moon.

Set the pace in your office or home to help you relax as you watch the beautiful Luan lamp slowly rotate 360 degrees. Having our levitating Luan lamp as a part of your futuristic interior design, you can be at ease to fall asleep to a calming experience! Its soft light will help you unwind after a long day and will also be easy on the eyes.

Luno Lamp

Make your workspace a little soothing so that you can easily relax after working for the entire day. Our Luno lamp adds a sleek and neat design that mimics the glowing moon. The ultra 3D detailing along with its ability to charge your phone wirelessly is what makes this lamp perfect for workspaces.

Unwind with Ambianc!

Bring Futuristic Interior To Your Home – Conclusion

Levitating lamps are perfect for those who prefer having a minimal interior and also for those who like futuristic interior decor – we have something for everyone and anyone. Take your interior design to the next level by checking out more details on our levitating interior decor.