Levitating plants came into the headlines for their unique design and levitating features. Their floating ability is what makes them trendy. They have the power to easily upsurge the vibe of your space our levitating plants are all that you need.

Now to answer the most anticipated question, what makes them float? Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple: it is just a MAGNET!

To elaborate, we all know that when both north poles or both south poles ends of two magnets face each other, they repel. That is when floating plants – which employ the law of magnets to allure us come into the scene.

In this case, when both the base and the levitating plants are designed using the same magnetic poles, they repel – making the plant hover in the air.

Levitating Plant #01 – Chinampa

Did you know? The plant that we have added to our floating plant pot is known as the hanging gardens of Babylon. This plant was built by one of the greatest kings Nebuchadnezzar II of the Neo-Babylonian Empire. It's one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Babylon is the only wonder whose existence is controversial among historians.

We have designed our Chinampa to connect us with our ancestors as the Babylon plant has a history. Our levitating plant features an innovative design that elevates the look of any given space. This floating plant brings a sense of peace and crisp cleanliness that can help you unwind after a long day.

Ambianc’s Chinampa is a must-have indoor plant! You can use it as a floating desk plant, or place it on your nightstand to give a little calmness to your bedroom. With a darker wooden base paired with a white plant pot, this levitating plant is designed to add sophistication to your space.

floating plant

Levitating Plant#02 – Chinampa

This Chinampa is known for its aesthetic appeal. The plant in the magnetic plant pots is Babylon which makes this floating plant even more essential to have in your space as it can add a sense of relaxation bringing in a homey and earthy vibe.

Having similarities with the above—mentioned plant, this Chinampa is specifically designed for those who prefer the character of wood over the elegance of white.

levitating pot plant

Why Choose Ambianc?

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Our floating planters have been making headlines because of their style, elegance, and magical levitating power. You can learn about our levitating potted plants in this article.

Wrap Up!

We have added the best levitating plants to our decor collection after going through several changes as we strive to cater to our clients with quality products. Levitating decor items can add a lot to your space providing you with tranquility. Shop decor items with Ambianc that will enhance the aesthetic of your space.