Cooking and serving food to loved ones is an art that can not be taken for granted. We believe that good food should be served in good dinnerware, as the way food is served has a direct impact on our food experience. And when it comes to serving food, a huge trend in cutlery comes through wooden dinnerware sets.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful to have wooden sets? Not only are they durable, but they also look elegant, bringing a feel of art to our tables, not-to-mention the high-quality dinner experience you have when you use them to eat food.

Because, if you’ve ever used wood chopsticks, you’d know the fulfilling foodie experience they provide is out-worldly and unmatched by the use of any other steel variant. And let's face it, holding a wooden bowl of hot chicken corn soup on a chilly evening is a pleasing experience for most of us, isn’t it?

Yet, a lot of people have made a common misconception that wooden dinnerware is dirtier or not as clean as plastic. As a result, we can find steel, porcelain, and plastic dinner sets in nearly every household but never question wooden cutting boards or how they handle bacteria.

This is why in this article we will be giving you a complete guide on wooden dinnerware sets and their food safety benefits.

Are Wooden Dinnerware Sets Food Safe?

Wooden dinnerware sets are gradually being included in our daily lives, because of their many benefits. However, we have shortlisted some of the main benefits that you need to know be

  1. Zero Thermal Conductivity

    Wood dinnerware or wood, in general, does not conduct electricity. This means that your food will remain hot for a longer period of time without making the dishes get hot. Even if you pick the dish right after you added hot food, you will not burn your hands. Wooden dishes do not break or weigh, and lastly, do not get heated up.
  2. They Have Healing Properties

    This benefit of wooden dinnerware is no secret. Few wooden types have antibacterial properties, luckily due to this, the pathogens do not multiply in the material. When heated, or when used generally, wooden dinnerware tends to release essential oils that can help with headaches, relieve tension, and also calms the nervous system.
  3. Anti-Rust And Non-Corrosive

    Are you drained by scrubbing the rust from your dinnerware? If yes, then you should shift to wooden tableware immediately. Wood does not gather rust when it is exposed to acids, as it has been infused with arsenic or copper in preservation.

Tips For Buying The Best Wooden Dinnerware Sets

  1. Pick What Type Of Wooden Dishes You Want

    Various types of wood are used for creating wooden dinnerware, so it is essential to decide what type of wooden dishes you want to purchase. Some of the popular woods are oak, bamboo, walnut, and cherry. Each type of wood has its unique look, so ensure to buy those that match the style of your house.
  2. Consider The Shape and Size Of The Wooden Tableware

    While purchasing wooden tableware it is important to consider the size and shape of the dishes. You would want to pick the ones that aren’t only comfortable to eat in but also looks good on your table. For instance, if you have a small table it would be better if you’d pick smaller tableware so that it is visually appealing and the table isn’t also too congested.
  3. Check The Quality Of The Tableware

    When you are buying wooden dish sets then ensure to do a proper quality check. The best way of inspecting your dinnerware is by checking if the seams are glued together or not, you should also check if the wood has been sanded down accurately or not.
  4. Pick The Ones With Right Finish

    When you are picking the wooden dinnerware for your table make sure to purchase the ones with the perfect finish. A high-gloss finish can make the tableware look more elegant and shiny, while the ones with a matte finish will give a more rustic look.

Final Words!

Wooden dinnerware is making waves in the market recently, as people are being conscious about their health. This tableware not only provides you with multiple benefits but is also visually appealing as they are unique and different. Add this sophisticated dinnerware to your table and make your food appealing to eat.