Did you know? Levitating decor products are considered a stellar addition to modern home decor. If you have a unique aesthetic flair and an eye for minimalist details, these products will add a wow factor to your home's interior.

Levitating decor items feature an iconic blend of advanced technology and elegant design to upgrade the ambiance of your room. How do they work?, these incredible products utilize a simple technology called Maglev; which stands for magnetic levitation technology that helps two magnets repel each other and float an object without any external support or contact.

These products are a smart mix of aesthetics and practicality and because they operate on the maglev technique, there’s no need to use cables or batteries.

Top Levitating Items to Enhance Your Home Decor

Below are our top 5 picks for levitating products for your home decor:

  1. Levitating Light Bulb

    It is something straight out of a science-fiction movie that likely defies the law of gravity. This striking piece of decor is well suited for a minimalist apartment and hence, is a refreshing way to light up your home while impressing your guests with a modern background prop.

    It radiates a warm and soothing glow with a subtle floating effect and, therefore, creates a calming aura. It is energy efficient and makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.
  2. Green Plant Pots

    Give a refreshing vibe to your home and office interior design with levitating green plant pots that add vibrancy to your space and therefore, make excellent levitating desk decor items.

    These plants depict futuristic trends in interior design with minimalist style, earthy toned-down colors, wooden base, and crisp geometric patterns. As a result, they add a serene feel to uplift the environment of your home and office.

    Ambianc’s featured levitating green plant pots include beautiful Chinampas that can instantly freshen up your space.
  3. Levitating Moon Lamp

    Are you recalling an alluring trip to the planetarium? You can rejoice in that experience from the comfort of your home with a splendid levitating moon lamp.

    Its uniqueness and precision make it seem like the moon is floating over instead of being static. It complements all kinds of furniture, however, it looks iconic in contrast to dark colors.

    At Ambianc, we have Luan and Luno lamps featuring an ultra-modern moon design to light up your room and leave a mark of originality on your home.
  4. Levitating Pen Holder

    Are you a fan of high-tech levitating gadgets? Levitating pen holder is your best bet to showcase your writing utensil. It is far better than the standard pen stands in utility and desk decor, and so it makes an exemplary gift for your friends, colleagues, and teachers because of its versatility and compactness.
  5. Levitating Speaker

    Levitating speakers have become an increasingly popular item among gadget enthusiasts because of their portability, Bluetooth tech, great sound quality, and premium LED finish.

    In addition to being extremely attractive, these speakers are preferred by people who have a taste for modern decor and favor the convenience of carrying speakers in their pockets.
To sum up, levitating decor products are fairly new to home decor and design essentials and thus, feature a robust combination of technology, performance, and design. Interested in suave levitating decoration pieces? Check out our featured collection at: https://ambianc.com/product-category/levitating/